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We’re delighted to welcome you to our site, which is a one-stop shop for everyone who wants to learn more about our amazing practices and services.

Here at Atlas, we are a friendly and professional multi-disciplinary healthcare group, dedicated to providing a high-quality service to patients as well as a collaborative and supportive approach to both admin staff and practitioners.

We’re excited to share our approach and work with you, whether you’re a patient, a practice owner or a therapist looking for career opportunities.

Helping Practices Flourish

If you’re a practice owner, this is where you’ll learn more about how Atlas Health Group can help you.

Looking to leave your legacy in safe and caring hands? Atlas is a nurturing environment with an aim to allow practices to grow without losing their individuality.

We are always open to a no-obligation chat to determine if Atlas is the right fit for you.

Offering Exceptional Services to Our Patients

Customers can find out more about each of our exceptional and individual practices, offering a multitude of services and therapies across the UK.

We specialise in physiotherapy and Osteopathy across our practices, but what we offer doesn’t stop there.

Some of our practices have services in the following areas: massage therapies, acupuncture, sports rehabilitation, clinical Pilates, respiratory therapies, neurological therapies, shockwave therapy, counselling, and more available to assist patients on their journeys back to better health.

Careers and Training

And if you work in the field of physiotherapy and osteopathy, visit our careers page for all the exciting opportunities available.

We’re proud to allow space for our employees to learn and grow in a way that is tailored to the individual – to raise the standards of all within the group.